Matt SteeleMATT STEELE stars as Ricky Redmond, the biggest divo at the St. James School. A firm believer that modesty will get him nowhere in life, Ricky often overlooks the needs and feelings of his friends and family to focus on his own Broadway ambitions.


Timothy BrundidgeTIMOTHY BRUNDIDGE stars as Josh Kelly, the former star pitcher of the St. James School's baseball team. When Josh broke his elbow, his future in college was destroyed. He joins the school musical to feed his competitive spirit. While he's a naturally skilled performer, his biggest talent is masking his ego with charm.


Nicole SullivanNICOLE SULLIVAN (Mad TVBlack-ish) co-stars as Candy Redmond, Ricky's enthusiastic and devoted single mother. Since the death of her husband years ago, she's been the sole provider for her brilliant son through her job at the local hardware store.


Jake BuseyJAKE BUSEY (The PredatorStranger Things) co-stars as Mr. Kelly, Josh's father. Mr. Kelly has always praised his son's competitive spirit He's thrown for a loop, however, when Josh develops a sudden and intense obsession with musical theatre.


Marissa Jaret WinokurMARISSA JARET WINOKUR (Tony Award winning Broadway star of Hairspray) plays Sister Hartt, the frustrated and flustered nun at the St. James School. She's the musical director and choreographer of the school musical.


Jayson BernardJAYSON BERNARD (Halloweed) plays Mr. Aubry, the enthusiastic director of the school play who feels like he’s reliving his glory days from when he was a kid with his own Broadway dreams.


Jason StuartJASON STUART (comedian, Tangerine) makes a hilarious appearance as Barry Cruise, a sketchy passenger in an unforgettable Uber ride.


Luis AvilaLUIS AVILA plays Javier Rivera, Ricky’s best friend. Despite the fact that Ricky walks all over him, Javier idolizes Ricky and happily feeds his ego.


Julia BoydJULIA BOYD plays Heather Jaworski. She insists she’s Broadway’s next great ingénue and has an emotional breakdown when she gets cast as the old lady in the school play.


Chris SchermerhornCHRIS SCHERMERHORN plays Mitchell Palmer, Ricky’s arch nemesis. He’s obsessed with Mariah Carey and only does the school play to slay audiences with his masterful pop vocals.


Daniel KimDANIEL KIM plays Salvatore Cheng. Sal is insistent on reminding everyone that his great-grandfather is from Italy. He embraces his Italian-American culture with his whole heart.


Quinn LozarQUINN LOZAR plays Ari Timmons, who actually might get a speaking role in the school play this year (if he can learn to behave for five seconds).


Josh ShechterJOSH SHECHTER plays Louis Baker, a self-proclaimed Zoroastrian witch who enjoys yoga, recreating historic military battles in his backyard and watching Disney films.


Dani WoodsonDANI WOODSON plays Michelle, the student stage manager. If you touch her props, she will destroy you.


Lauren AlexanderLAUREN ALEXANDER plays Cindy Shedelbower, the president of every club at school. Don’t bother her with petty school play business; she has a college application to finish.


Daniel BrenesDANIEL BRENES plays Kenny. He runs the sound booth and yearns for Heather’s affections.